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The Best AirPod Clones

EarDots, The Best ‘Clone’ Headphones of 2020

Whether you call them ‘fakes,’ ‘clones,’ or ‘knockoffs,’ it’s indisputable that EarDots are the highest-quality and best AirPod clone headphones on the market—that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Here is what makes us different.

Quality Headphones

We source headphones from some of the same suppliers as the big guys use. We only source the best quality products and do vigorous testing to ensure they work the way your favorite and more well-known headphone brands work. Because of our dedication to quality, our following is growing rapidly on Instagram. Our formula? Combine high-quality headphones for an affordable price with exceptional 24-hour service and a warranty that no one else has.

We’re also constantly adding products to the EarDots portfolio that are on par with the most popular brands so you know you’re getting the hottest tech and best listening devices on the market.

We’re the first headphones company to launch EarDots Pro, and for half the price of what Apple charges for their version of the headphone.

EartDots Promise

Few things are easier to lose than your headphones. Our Lifetime Warranty is inspired from a couple of stories that you can probably relate to.

We’ll call this person John. John was playing basketball at a 24 Hour Fitness in Los Angeles, California. It was the middle of the day so the court was mostly empty, except for one guy. John and the other guy played one-on-one with the until the other guy had to go. Before John left the basketball court, he realized that the guy he was playing left his AirPods.

Being the good Samaritan John is he went to the front desk and tried to turn the headphones in to the lost and found. The front desk person said that wasn’t the best idea. Since there was no name on the actual headphones, it would be hard to ensure it got returned to the rightful owner. So, John left his name and number at the front desk lost and found with ‘Lost Airpods’ written on the sticky note.

John never received a call. He looked up online whether it was possible to trace AirPods back to a phone, but that information is considered private so John inherited $160 headphones.

Funny enough, John would be on the other end of that scenario two weeks later.

John was on his way to a meeting. He decided to Lyft his meeting to skip the hassle of finding parking in Hollywood. As he walked into the office building, he realized his pockets were a bit lighter. He did the frantic pocket search thing—pat down both front pockets, then the back pockets—only to realize they were gone.

He contacted Lyft Support and asked to get connected to the driver. Unfortunately, the driver never returned John’s call. John had just lost his $160 headphones.

Both of these scenarios are quite common. Given the size of AirPods and other popular headphones, losing them can be easy. And losing something you paid $160 for is quite the downer. With this in mind, we instituted the EarDots warranty, that replaces your EarDots if you lose yours (read our terms and conditions) for the price of processing, shipping and handling. Sure beats paying another $160 for headphones you might lose again.

In this way, we’re ensuring our customers can get high-quality headphones and not have to quiver in fear every time they shake down their pockets or empty out their purse searching for them.

EarDots Difference

We're not the only company selling clone AirPods. We're simply the best. Not only is our product superior and nearly 1:1 depending on the model, but our service is far and above what you'd get from any other company in the space. 

A CNET article reviews another pair of clone pods only to note that they don't offer refunds. What happened is the reviewed product was faulty and people lost out on a great pair of headphones and their money. 

With the EarDots Life Warranty, you don't have to worry about either of those things. Our goal is that you are so happy with your purchase that you tell all your friends about EarDots being the best airpod clones on the market. We even have a recommendation on Quora from one of our biggest fans!

EarDot Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it. We have reviews on our Instagram page that we post daily—as well as reviews from YouTubers. Here are a few of them, from trusted reviewers like iCrackUriDevice (961K subscribers) and Tech Daily (75K subscribers). Our favorite headline has got to be from iCrackUriDevice, which reads These FAKE $89 AirPods 2 Are BETTER Than $249 AirPods Pro. 

EarDot Testimonials

“ok so i literally can't tell the difference between these and the airpods except that these clones come with no branding or apple logo the eardots are possible the best cloned products i have ever seen I wasnt't expecting these airpod clones to be this legit”

-Trish (Oakland)

“Took some time to figure out how to pair the eardots with my samsung galaxy S9 but after talking to the eardots team they walked me through everything and the earbuds work perfectly and the size is exactly the same as airpods no one can tell the difference”

-Ahmed (London)

“Got ear dots for my bday and I love them! No one at school can tell the difference!!”

-Shelly (Las Vegas)

“Received my Dots within a week even though the website said it would take about 2 weeks to be delivered so i was pretty happy about that and the pods came exactly as described they look and sound just like the real airpods. I cannot tell the difference.”

-Mark (Berlin)

EarDot Review Videos

 Top Apple AirPod Clone Features

One of the biggest questions people have about knockoffs is about features - and rightly so. Our goal is to be as transparent as we can about our products and deliver the very best at an affordable price. 

To see the specific features our products don't have compared to the more popular brands, click on the product and read through the listing. We have a section dedicated to show you what features they don't have. 

Here are a few of the features Ear Dots customers love. 

- Force Touch

- Quick Pair with Bluetooth Devices (iPhone, iPad, Macbook, PC)

- Touch Controls (Pause song, skip track)

- 'Hey Siri' functionality

- Enhanced Sound

- Noise Cancellation

And as reported, clones "work well with the iPhone 11 series and other iPhones running iOS 13."

Our Top 5 Best AirPod Clone Knockoffs of 2020 from EarDots

Ear Dots Pro

Apple AirPod Pros fetch a $250 price tag (steep!) while our Ear Dot Pros come in at $129 with a stunning feature set that rivals Apple's new wireless headphones. The feature set includes force touch, wireless charging, quick pairing on iPhones, MacBook's etc., touch controls, 4-5 hour playback time, "Hey Siri" functionality and the ability to use the headphones simultaneously and independently. 

Apple AirPod Pro 2 Clones Knockoffs EarDots

Ear Dots (White)

You can absolutely not go wrong with the product that started it all for us, White Ear Dots. We humbly believe these are the best quality available pods on the market, matching the feature set of the Apple Airpods 1:1 sans iCloud Connect, Live Listen and Audio Sharing. I've never used those features anyway so you get all the features you need at an affordable price. 

Best Apple AirPod Knockoffs Clones EarDots

Ear Dots (Black Matte)

There is something about matte black that pops. The sleek design of Ear Dots in matte black is absolutely stunning and a head-turner. Comes with the standing quick-pairing, 1 hour charge time, light and in-ear sensor and enhanced sound that brings your music and podcasts to life. 

Matte Black Apple AirPod Clone Knockoffs EarDots

Ear Dot Buds

Perfect for gym-use, Ear Dot Buds are sweat-proof allowing you to make the best of your workout without worrying about the moisture. Ear Dot Buds also have top of the line noise-cancelling features and enhanced sound. Easy bluetooth pairing for your Apple or Android devices. 

EarDot Buds

Power Dots

The Power Dots rival Beats by Dre in every way you can imagine, from sound quality and charging time to noise-cancelling features. They are fully compatible with iPhones, Androids, Macs, PCs, iPads and Tablets. As Josh said in his review, "I basically got Powerbeats Pro but for half the price." Well said, Josh. We have the best Beat by Dre knockoffs (or clones) on the market and we're proud of that!

Beats by Dre Knockoffs Clones EarDots

Buy EarDots

So what are you waiting for? Pick up a pair of EarDots today!